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                                       NIMHANS BIHAR ECHO BLENDED TRAINING AND e-HANDHOLDING


Skill Building in treatment of Alcohol and Tobacco use Disorders for Doctors and Counsellors from State Health Society, Government of Bihar: A blended training.

In the year 2016, the State Health Society, Government of Bihar approached the Centre for Addiction Medicine (CAM), NIMHANS for training and handholding  the primary health physicians and counsellors in the area of alcohol and tobacco use disorders. In this context, CAM, NIMHANS has trained twenty eight doctors and counselors in the area of alcohol and tobacco use disorders from 22nd February till 7th of March 2016 . These trained health professionals will  be the master trainers for their state, in addition to providing de-addiction services at the district hospitals in Bihar. After on-site training, each district team will be supported by handholding and co-managing through online “Virtual” Knowledge Network NIMHANS ECHO ( for the next six months and more.  We strongly believe that this blended training as well as handholding will increase the confidence of doctors and counsellors and will translate to better patient care in their community.


1) IDENTIFY alcohol addiction as a medical risk factor

2) INTERVENE to manage problems related to alcohol use

3) INVOLVE other health care providers i.e. counsellors and work as a team to offer help (Adapted from Training manual for medical officer on Reducing  the  risk  factors  for  NCDs  in  Primary care NIMHANS WHO 2015)

This will serve as a treatment algorithm for their  clinical practice at the district hospital. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the faculty and staff of the Centre for Addiction Medicine NIMHANS for their support and contributions.


ONSITE training 22nd February 7th March 2016 at Centre for Addition Medicine, NIMHANS: Epidemology, Assessment, Couselling Skills, Motivational Enhancement and Clinical Practice Guideline for Alcohol and Tobacco. Details can be accessed link ….

ONLINE VKN NIMHANS ECHO fortnightly case presentations by District addiction centre by BIHAR by the trined participants and guided practice by multidisciplinary team from Centre for Addiction Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS.

The details, reporting form, treatment guidelines are attached. LINK

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Dr. Prabhat Kumar Chand, MD,DNB,MNAMS
Additional Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry
Consultant, Centre for Addiction Medicine and
Coordinator, Virtual Knowledge Network (VKN) NIMHANS ECHO
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