Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.06.25 PMThe objective of NIMHANS Digital Academy (NDA) is to exponentially increase the skilled capacity in mental health in the country. The Academy’s initiative will focus on digital training, mentoring and accreditation along with telemedicine. The Academy will train human resources i.e. medical officers, psychiatry social workers, clinical psychology, nurses and other lay volunteers to build a connected network

Foundation of Addiction (FOA) module

Foundation of Addiction (FOA) module Greetings from VKN NIMHANS ECHO. We are going to initiate a digital course titled ” Foundation of Addiction” from June to November 2018 .This Blended training will have every Tuesday 2PM to 4PM a Virtual NIMHANS ECHO  case discussion and didactic session through multi-point videoconferencing zoom app along  self-paced …

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