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Our Experts

Our Experts

Contributed Substantially to the Digital learning of Virtual Knowledge Network NIMHANS ECHO and  NIMHANS Digital Academy

Dr. Pratima Murthy NIMHANS : Dr Pratima is Professor and Head of Virtual Knowledge Network, Centre for Addiction Medicine NIMHANS Bangalore. By profession, she is an Addiction Psychiatrist and an excellent clinician. She is the chief Mentor and the brain behind the Virtual Knowledge Network and NIMHANS Digital Academy. 

Dr Prabhat Chand NIMHANS: Founder and Co-ordinator Started this in 2014 to help the patients to get “Quality care” in their own place by known health professionals who speak the same language instead of travelling miles. The objective is to create a network of Skilled Health Professionals across the country in the field of Substance Abuse and Addiction. Prabhat is an Addiction Psychiatrist and spends a majority of time providing clinical care  as well as developing “best practices”   
Dr. Vivek Benegal  NIMHANS: Dr Vivek is a Professor at Centre of Addiction Medicine NIMHANS Bangalore. 
Dr. Arun Kandasamy NIMHANS
Dr. Deepak Jayarajan NIMHANS
Dr. Jayant Mahadevan NIMHANS
Dr. Lekhansh Shukla  NIMHANS
Dr. Bharath Holla      NIMHANS
Dr. Sourav Das          Kolkatta 
Dr. Jayakrishnan Menon NIMHANS
Dr. Dipthadi Mukherjee  NIMHANS
Dr. Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha NIMHANS
Dr. Mallikarjun Rao Sagi NIMHANS
Dr. Bhavya K Bairy NIMHANS
Dr. Sumit Durgoji NIMHANS
Dr. Pawan Khadse NIMHANS

Dr Atul Ambekar, AIIMS New Delhi

Dr Annirudha Basu AIIMS Rishikesh

Dr Vikram AIIMS Rishiskesh

Dr Gourav Kumar Muzzafarpur 

Dr Swati Kedia, Delhi

Dr Nirisha P, NIMHANS

Dr Malatesh NIMHANS

Dr Virupaksha NIMHANS-Australia

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