Today’s session went well. Thank you and NIMHANS. No registration fees. No traffic snarls. Sat in my bedroom with my laptop, i was really there at NIMHANS classroom. What a bonanza for an alumni!

Saranya Devanathan, Bangalore.


  1. Dr Chand Parveen Sultana

    I really enjoyed all the sessions of Quit Tobacco which were very interactive and it made me more confident to treat my patients with Nicotine addiction. I congratulate the whole team for their enthusiasm and dedication and I really appreciate their efforts. Looking forward for further sessions…….

    • i am attending all the sessions and I feel confident in seeing patients.I know that
      while treating almost all diseasesthere is a psychiatric component in each case an almost all physicians are unaware ofit it goes unnoticed and the treatment is never complete unless and other wise this part had been covered.ie why I put more stress in my carrier by attending these olne classes with psychiatric part and this make me happy an confident in my carrier.In the moder world stress and related disorders are a common sequence and very many thanks to VKN for their educative progrmmes In course of time I feel I would be able to make debates with the esteemed professors and I wish that they would encourage me in my effort to become a well versed Total practitioner to my faith and belief.I am put in 40 yrs of general practice and This new realm of science I started concentrating and i Hope Vkn Nimhans would provide all help in my venture.even though slight senile dementia attacking me and I dont mind it but putting more stress and endurance in to it to attain ambitions.
      thanks to all VKN TEAM

  2. Dr.Saranya Devanathan

    Thank you for introducing internet addiction and gaming addiction, etc. They cause problems in our clients.
    I am still waiting for problamatic caffeine addiction

  3. Dr.Saranya Devanathan

    Thanks to VKN NIMHANS Echo sessions. Dr.Prabhat chand sent me the videos of tobacco cessation. He allows all of us to use any of the slides with acknowledgement.

    i did one CME in Agadi Hospital, Bangalore for all consultants, residents doctors and nurses. Few office staff, receptionist and drivers also attended.

    The stress was on withdrawal symptoms, self efficacy, appreciation for 2 days’quit attempts and all NRT & Buproprion are over the counter except Varenicline.

    Questions were how to motivate their own father, husband and friends.

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