Addiction Pharmacology
(January - February 2015)
# Alcohol (Withdrawal and Complications) by Dr.Deepak Jayarajan
# Relapse Prevention by Dr. Prabhat Chand
# Management on Opioid Use Disorder - I by Dr. Prabhat Chand
# Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment (BMT) by Dr. Atul Ambekar, NDDTC
# Benzodiazepine by Dr. Lekhansh Shukla
# Stimulant by Dr. Bharath Holla
# Cannabis by Dr. Aniruddha Basu
# Personalized Addiction Treatment by Dr. Prabhat Chand
Helping People : Quit Tobacco
(March-April 2015)
# Quitting Tobacco : Why? by Dr. Prabhat Chand
# Brief Intervention Handling Lapse / Relapse by Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma
# Assisting Cessation: Pharmacotherapy by Dr. Prabhat Chand
# Panel Discussion
Stress and Resilience
(June 2015)
# Neuroplasticity by Dr. Deepak Jayarajan
# An Overview by Dr. Paulomi M. Sudhir
# Assessment of Stress by Ms. Shaima Naaz
# Mindfulness by Dr. Basant Pradhan, New Jersey
Behavioral Addiction
(July 2015)
# An Overview by Dr. Lekhansh Shukla
# Pathological Gambling by Dr. Deepak Jayarajan
# Internet Addiction Disorder by Dr. Bharath Holla
# Problematic Online Gaming by Dr. Arun K
Adolescent and Addiction
(August 2015)
# Mental Health Promotion by Dr. Srikala Bharath
# Skills training by Dr. Srikala Bharath
# Is it different from Adult? by Dr. Arun K and Dr. Vivek Benegal
# Challenges in Practice by Dr. Sourav Das, Kolkata
Substance Use in Special Population
(September 2015)
# Women & Addiction - I by Dr. Linda S
# Women & Addiction - II by Dr. Suhas G
# Substance use in Pregnancy lactation by Dr. Raghvendra Nayak, DIMHANS
# Addiction in LGBT community by Dr. Veerappa Patil
Clinical Challenges
(October 2015)
# Urine Drug Testing by Dr. Lekhansh Shukla
# Synthetic Drugs by Dr. Jayanth Mahadevan
# Intoxications by Dr. Veerappa Patil
# Suicide in SUD by Dr. Senthil Kumar Reddi
Evidence Basaed Practice : Alcohol
(November 2015)
# Complicated Withdrawal by Dr. Deepak Jayarajan
# Korsakoff Syndrome by Dr. Lekhansh Shukla & Dr. Prabhat Chand
# Traumatic Brain Injury by Dr. Suhas G & Dr. Arun K
# Liver Disease by Dr. Jayanth M & Dr. Prabhat Chand
Substance Induced Psychotic Disorders (SIPD)
(January 2016)
# Overview of SIPD by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Chand
# Alcohol Induced Psychosis by Dr. Urvaksh Meherwan Mehta
# Amphetamine Psychosis by Dr. Aniruddh N
Biological Functions
(February 2016)
# Food Addiction by Dr. Jayant Mahadevan
# Sexual Dysfunction by Dr. Suhas G
# Sleep Disordes by Dr. Sourav Das
Forensic Aspects of Addiction
(March 2016)
# Chronic Pain (Re-scheduled) by Dr. Aniruddh N
# NDPS by Dr. Veerappa Patil
# Legal Aspects of Alcohol by Dr. Lekhansh Shukla
# Legal Aspect of Opioid Addiction & Treatment by Dr. Atul Ambekar
Psychological Management
(June 2016)
# Family Therapy by Mr. Ashfak A
# Dialectical Behavior Therapy by Dr. Gitanjali N
# Cognitive Behavior Therapy by Dr. Rushi, Dr. RML Hospital, New Delhi
# Motivational Interviewing by Dr. Swati Kedia Gupta, AIIMS, New Delhi
Screening and Assessment
(July 2016)
# Screening for Alcohol Abuse by Dr. Prabhat K Chand, NIMHANS
# Bio-markers for Alcohol Abuse by Dr. Abhilash B, NIMHANS
# Urine Drug Test by Dr. Lekhansh Shukla, NIMHANS
Integrative Health
(August 2016)
# Ayurveda in Addiction Mental Health by Dr. Kishore Kumar R, , Bengaluru
# Yoga in Addiction Mental Health by Dr. Sneha J K, , Bengaluru
# Naturopathy in Addiction Mental Health by Dr. Naveen H, , Chennai
# MEMBER-AM (Memory Evoked Mindfulness Based Extinction and Re consolidation: Addiction Module) by Dr. Basant Pradhan
# Neurobiology of Meditation by Dr. Sanjay Garg, Kolkata
Social Therapies
(September 2016)
# Therapeutic Communities by Mr. Lakshmanan S, NIMHANS
# 12 Steps Approach / Fecilitation by Ms. Joice Steffi, NIMHANS
# Group Therapy by Dr. Sinu E, NIMHANS
Adult ADHD
(October 2016
# Is it a distinct Entity? by Dr. Suhas G, NIMHANS
# Diagnosis by Ms. Hargun A, NIMHANS
# Management by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Chand, NIMHANS
(November 2016)
# Geriatric Depression by Dr. P.T. Sivakumar, NIMHANS
# Atypical Depression by Dr. Urvakhsh M Mehta, NIMHANS
# Management of Bipolar Depression by Dr. Janardhanan C.N, NIMHANS
# Resistant Depression by Dr. Ajit Bhalchandra Dahale, NIMHANS
Family Therapy
(January 2017)
# An overview by Ms. Fasli, NIMHANS
# Assessments in Family Therapy by Ms. Ashwini. T
# Couple Therapy by Ms. Manjula V
# Family Therapy with Adolescents by Suvarna Joshi
# Families and Schizophrenia by Dr. Ahalya Raguram
SUD in Special Population
(February 2017)
# Older people and Alcohol Abuse by Dr. Sourav Das
# Addiction & LGBT by Dr. Himanshu Sharma
# Substance abuse among Physician by Dr. Arun Kandasamy
# Disaster Exposure and Substance use by Dr. Aneelraj
Positive Interventions
(March 2017)
# Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation by Dr.Jayant Mahadevan
# Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation by Dr. Linda Sherine
# Psychedelics by Dr. Mallikarjun Rao Sagi
# N-Acetyl Cystiene in SUD by Dr. Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha
Addiction & Recovery
(April 2017)
# Recovery-An Overview by Dr.Deepak Jayarajan
#Trauma by Ms.Adithy
# Spirituality by Dr.Prabhat Kumar Chand
(July 2017)
# Genetics of SUD - An Overview by Dr.Jayakrishnan Menon
# Genetics & Epigenetics of Alcohol use Disorders by Dr. Soundarya

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