Capacity building with Co-ordinated Care

 The mission is to expand the capacity to provide best practice care for Addiction & Mental health among health care professionals and assess the outcome in India (http://bit.ly/VKNNIMHANS)
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  • Reduce the “variations” in standard of care.
  • Sharing of “best practice”
  • Sharing of “wisdom” along with “clinical practice guidelines”.
  • Continued training “Hand holding” and developing a “Learning loop” rather than a single or few sessions.
  • “De monopolize” the knowledge.
  • Systematically looking at the “Outcome”


  • In collaboration with Project ECHO, University of New Mexico, USA
  • Weekly live multi-point video conference sessions
  • Opportunity to present clinical cases & get suggestions / guidance from the network
  • Expert didactic modules covering various addictive disorders
  • Certificate of completion/CME points on completion of module evaluation

MODULE (e-learning)

  • Based on specific topics
  • Can be accessed any time and completed on-line
  • Get the test questions as well as the answers


Professionals (SPOKES)

  • Skill enhancement
  • Receive e-certificate
  • Professional interaction with multidisciplinary colleagues
  • Affiliation with an academic tertiary centre, less isolation
  • Free, effortless, interactive, access to the up-to-date knowledge, videos
  • Learning by doing (co-management)

Patients and Community

  • People need access to QUALITY care for their complex mental health conditions
  • NOT enough health professionals to treat or provide the care
  • NIMHANS ECHO trains the health professionals ( NIMHANS ECHO spokes) across country
  •  NIMHANS spokes are well trained and capable of providing care as good as NIMHANS
  • NIMHANS ECHO spokes are being tele-mentored which in turn increase their skills and knowledge to provide best care
  • Patient gets right care, in the right place, at the right time. No travel nor any language barrier

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