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National Health Mission Recommendation of NIMHANS ECHO

National Health Mission Recommendation of NIMHANS ECHO

Key Recommendations

 “To cater to the shortage of specialized manpower, states need to promote and expedite training of regular general duty medical officers in mental healthcare through involvement of medical colleges, mental health institutions, Centres of Excellence in Mental Health and Central Mental Health Institutes for basic screening and identification of mental health conditions. NIMHANS, Bengaluru is providing one-year mentorship training in mental health to medical officers, which is a mix of onsite residential training and distance learning through virtual ECHO model. Recruitment of support staff such as Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurse and Psychiatric Social Worker must also be ensured for appropriate case management and to support recovery”

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We are willing to implement and collaborate with other state governments to improve the Capacity building, mentoring and providing e-health

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