Foundation of Addiction (FOA) module

Foundation of Addicion course

Foundation of Addiction (FOA) module Greetings from VKN NIMHANS ECHO. We are going to initiate a digital course titled ” Foundation of Addiction” from June to November 2018 .This Blended training will have every Tuesday 2PM to 4PM a Virtual NIMHANS ECHO  case discussion and didactic session through multi-point videoconferencing zoom app along  self-paced …

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There will not be any VKN ECHO session for the Upcoming Months.  We are going to initiate a digital course titled ” Foundation of Addiction” from June to November 2018, this Blended training will have every Tuesday 2PM to 4PM Virtual NIMHANS ECHO. Many thanks to our partners for active participation …

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Centre for Addiction Medicine(CAM)-QUIZ


In the year 2017-18 Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS is celebrating the Silver Jubilee of its foundation. On this occasion we are a conducting a series of events to commemorate the milestone. One of the foremost endeavours of our Centre over the last 25 years has been the dissemination of …

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Thank You 2017


Dear Friends, The “Virtual Knowledge Network” is possible because of like minded and powerful people like you. We at NIMHANS along with our collaborator Project ECHO, UNM strongly believe in “Diffusion of Knowledge” , “Skilled Capacity Building” and “Decrease the treatment Disparity across the different settings” in the area of mental …

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